Galeri Ruang Dini at Art Jakarta 2023 Booth A22 17 – 19 November 2023 JIExpo Kemayoran Hall B3, West Park

Elia Yoesman

ELIA YOESMAN is an Indonesian born Chinese artist, architect and designer. She spent her early years of education in Australia.

In Bandung, Indonesia she designed and oversaw the construction of the GH Universal Hotel which showcases the splendor of Italian Renaissance architecture with towers, chambers, passageways, staircases, windows, doors and rooms of grand stateliness. In observing the majesty of this castle-like hotel, one is immediately impressed by its overpowering  grandeur. “While most girls want to be the princess in a fairy tale, I chose to build the castle instead,” the architect quips.

ELIA rediscovered her notable talents in design in a passion for painting. The artist loves to capture serene as well as stunning moments through natural elements in unique form, composition, shadow and lighting, using a vivid chiaroscuro technique to enhance her distinctive style.

Currently she is working on the series of Elijah and the Black Raven. This series is inspired from the verses in the Bible in which God participate the prophet Elijah on his journey, by sending black ravens as the watcher, witness and provider even during the dark and victorious times of Elijah journey.