Breathing Home: An Exhibition by Maryanto | 3 – 26 Mei 2024 | Galeri Ruang Dini ▪ Jl. Anggrek No. 46, Bandung

Metamorfora departs from Carla Agustian’s personal reflections on how she perceives the world—both as an individual and as an artist. Using black and white imagery, Carla responds to her own questions about a world that often faces opposing concepts: dark/light, black/white, visible/invisible, and so on. Through Metamorfora, Carla brings herself to open the areas between contradictions and explores the possibilities existing in the boundaries of spaces.

Carla Agustian is Galeri Ruang Dini’s representative artist based in Bandung, using charcoal on canvas as her medium. Carla’s artworks are the externalization of her thoughts, feelings, and observations.


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