Breathing Home: An Exhibition by Maryanto | 3 – 26 Mei 2024 | Galeri Ruang Dini ▪ Jl. Anggrek No. 46, Bandung

27 November 2020

Nodes - Kumpulan Muda Mudi dan Kemungkinan-Kemungkinannya

E - Catalog

Bimanda Sahara
Carla Agustian
Condro Priyoaji
Delpi Suhariyanto
Dike Trivinggar
Dzikra A.N,
AIgi Anjangbiani
Haiza Putti
Susilo Nofriadi
Wanti Amelia

This exhibition involves ten young artists with various mediums. The advantage of this activity that we have designed is that there is a mentoring process designed by an association of several art communities in the city of Bandung, namely the Work Area, Index, Kapital Space, Omni Space, Rakarsa, Quadrangle Space, and Contemporary Art Studio. The mentoring material focuses on discussions about the art market, and residency, so it is hoped that the works produced can be accounted for in terms of ideas, insights, and techniques. This activity is expected to be a forum for us art practitioners who are involved and have an impact on the development of the sustainability of the fine arts ecosystem in the city of Bandung.


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22/11/ 2020