The Future of the Past: An Exhibition by Dita Gambiro | 1 – 23 Juni 2024 | Galeri Ruang Dini ▪ Jl. Anggrek No. 46, Bandung

12 - 30 Juni 2022

Flower Among Debris

Meliantha Muliawan

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Memories of the past shape us in ways that sometimes we cannot define. They help us find our other selves or even explore the places we have left behind. Meliantha's work in this exhibition is her quest for past events that eventually guide her to a bodily experience of space and the construction of thinking.

She deliberately revealed her childhood memory when she often visited building construction with her parents—that happened to be the owners of a building supply store back in the 90s. The debris she found on construction projects now transformed into something different; remnants of demolished or decimated structures.

Meliantha shaped the debris into flower petals, coloring it in bright colors like a flower that beautifully shines in summer days. For Meliantha, the idea of flowers is also part of a pilgrimage experience: where her favorite part was walking in between flowers among debris in the garden of the housing complex her parents built. In this exhibition, Meliantha not only offers a clash of forms between the hard and the soft, the massive and the unique, but also the memories that intertwine between what is considered waste and what is considered beauty.


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