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15 September 2021

Welcome to The Machine - Vision Overdrive

Bandung Photography Triennale

Utami Dewi Godjali
Hari 'Pochang' Krisnadi
Krisna T. Satmoko
Sjuaibun Iljas

Road to Bandung Photography Triennale "Welcome to The Machine: Vision Overdrive"

Galeri Ruang Dini, 15 - 30 September 2021

With the general theme of "Welcome to The Machine" the artists are invited to run more experiments with no technical limitation that utilizes conventional representation in producing photography images. The essence of this exhibition is the various creative approaches that adopt instrumental techniques or experimentations during the image-making process. The challenge of photography is no longer about attaining recognition in the world of art, but rather about achieving an idiolect through technical and material experimentation, as well as aesthetic sensitivity through various approaches, from the traditional to the tech-advanced styles.

Vision overdrive, which can be interpreted as an excessive vision—beyond the naked eye— looks very dominant in all the works in this exhibition. The process of the meaning representation carried out by the artists this time emphasizes that the photography tools and the process can be elaborated and even parsed and then reconstructed into visual works that are both abstract and narrative.

This exhibition is curated by Henrycus Napitsunargo (@henrycusnapits

Galeri Ruang Dini


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