Breathing Home: An Exhibition by Maryanto | 3 – 26 Mei 2024 | Galeri Ruang Dini ▪ Jl. Anggrek No. 46, Bandung

Dion Caraka’s works capture some collective memories of the experience of the school period of most Indonesian students, with the visual symbol of school boards filled with texts and physics formulas.

In Apel + Newton = Gravitasi, he questions how our relationship with science was forced more as a traumatic routine of the learning experience, not as a playful playground to comprehend the world. What are the impacts of memorizing these formulas on our daily life? How the science relates to our social-political context in a complex society?

He explores various mediums using paints, charcoals, chalk, and others to create experiments of realistic forms and visual interpretations.


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22/11/ 2020