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30 September – 22 October 2023

Bahasa Ruang dan Waktu

A Solo Exhibition by Andy Dewantoro

Bahasa Ruang dan Waktu is a solo exhibition by Andy Dewantoro, a representative artist from Galeri Ruang Dini. Introduced with a writing by Jim Supangkat, Bahasa Ruang dan Waktu reflects Andy Dewantoro's contemplation on the transformation of space resulting from the impact of time in the development of the modern world.

In Bahasa Ruang dan Waktu, Andy Dewantoro found a language for his expression's context (religiosity), which is "space and time." Space represents the representation of natural space and the scope of life. Time is the representation of the changes that occur in the passage of time. Both are forces that are not always in a peaceful coexistence; there is a clash between "continuity" and "change" in the journey of time and life. It's as if both space and time are trying to show who is stronger and who influences whom.


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